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NOAA Official   Select all
OFCLNHC official forecast OFCINHC official forecast (Interpolated 06 hours) OFC2NHC official forecast (Interpolated 12 hours) OHPCHPC official forecast OOPCOPC official forecast OMPCMPC official forecast
GFS   Select all
GFSGFS Model GFSIGFS Model (Interpolated 06 hours) GFS2GFS Model (Interpolated 12 hours) GP01GFS Ensemble +01 member GP02GFS Ensemble +02 member GP03GFS Ensemble +03 member GP04GFS Ensemble +04 member GP05GFS Ensemble +05 member GP06GFS Ensemble +06 member GP07GFS Ensemble +07 member
GP08GFS Ensemble +08 member GP09GFS Ensemble +09 member GP10GFS Ensemble +10 member GP11GFS Ensemble +11 member GP12GFS Ensemble +12 member GP13GFS Ensemble +13 member GP14GFS Ensemble +14 member GP15GFS Ensemble +15 member GP16GFS Ensemble +16 member GP17GFS Ensemble +17 member
GP18GFS Ensemble +18 member GP19GFS Ensemble +19 member GP20GFS Ensemble +20 member GEMNGFS Ensemble Mean GEMIGFS Ensemble Mean (Interpolated 12 hours) GMMNGFS New Ensemble Mean
NHC   Select all
A67NHC-67 statistic model A72NHC-72 statistic model A73NHC-73 statistic model A83NHC-83 statistic-dynamic model A90ENHC-90 (early) statistic-dynamic model A90LNHC-90 (late) statistic-dynamic model A98ENHC-98 statistic-dynamic model A9UKNHC-98 (UKMET version)
EP Statistical-Dynamic   Select all
PSSEP statistic-synoptic model PSDEEP (early) statistic-dynamic model PSDLEP statistic-dynamic model P91EEP NHC-91 (early) statistic-dynamic model P91LEP NHC-91 (late) statistic-dynamic model P9UKEP NHC_91 (UKMET version)
Beta-Advection   Select all
BAMDBeta and Advection model, deep (NHC) BAMMBeta and Advection model, medium (NHC) BAMSBeta and Advection model, shallow (NHC) BAMABAM test A BAMBBAM test B BAMCBAM test C
HWRF   Select all
HWRFHWRF model HWFIHWRF model (Interpolated 06 hours) HWF2HWRF model (Interpolated 12 hours)
GFDL   Select all
GFDLGFDL model GFDIGFDL model (Interpolated 06 hours) GFD2GFDL model (Interpolated 12 hours) GHMIGFDL model with Intensity adjustment (Interpolated 06 hours) GHM2GFDL model with Intensity adjustment (Interpolated 12 hours) GFDTGFDL using [GFS tracker] GFTIGFDL using [GFS tracker] (Interpolated 06 hours) GFT2GFDL using [GFS tracker] (Interpolated 12 hours) GTSIGFDL model (Interpolated 06 hours) Test only - DO NOT USE! GTS2GFDL model (Interpolated 12 hours) Test only - DO NOT USE!
GFDAGFDL model with Aviation boundary layer parm GFDEGFDL model with Emmanuel convective parm GFDUGFDL model (UKMET version) GFUIGFDL model (UKMET version) (Interpolated) GFDCGFDL coupled model GFCIGFDL coupled model (Interpolated) GFDNNavy GFDL model GFNINavy GFDL model (Interpolated 06 hours) GFN2Navy GFDL model (Interpolated 12 hours)
ETA   Select all
ETAETA model ETAIETA model (Interpolated 06 hours) ETA2ETA model (Interpolated 12 hours)
NAM   Select all
NAMNAM model NAMINAM model (Interpolated 06 hours) NAM2NAM model (Interpolated 12 hours)
NGM   Select all
NGMNGM model NGMINGM model (Interpolated)
COAMPS   Select all
COCECOAMPS Carib/E Pacific grid COEICOAMPS Carib/E Pacific grid (Interpolated 06 hours) COE2COAMPS Carib/E Pacific grid (Interpolated 12 hours) COALCOAMPS Atlantic grid COAICOAMPS Atlantic grid (Interpolated 06 hours) COA2COAMPS Atlantic grid (Interpolated 12 hours)
UKMET   Select all
UKMUKMET model (Developmental) UKMIUKMET model (Interpolated 06 hours) UKM2UKMET model (Interpolated 12 hours) UKMETUKMET model GTS (Official) EGRIUKMET model GTS (Official - Interpolated 06 hours) EGR2UKMET model GTS (Official - Interpolated 12 hours) UKXUKMET [GFS tracker] UKXIUKMET [GFS tracker] (Interpolated 06 hours) UKX2UKMET [GFS tracker] (Interpolated 12 hours)
NOGAPS   Select all
NGPSNOGAPS model NGPINOGAPS model (Interpolated 06 hours) NGP2NOGAPS model (Interpolated 12 hours) NGXNOGAPS [GFS tracker] NGXINOGAPS [GFS tracker] (Interpolated 06 hours) NGX2NOGAPS [GFS tracker] (Interpolated 12 hours)
Canadian   Select all
CMCCanadian model CEMNCanadian model Ensemble Mean
ECMWF   Select all
ECMECMWF model ECMIECMWF model (Interpolated 06 hours) ECM2ECMWF model (Interpolated 12 hours) EMXECMWF model [GFS tracker] EMXIECMWF model [GFS tracker] (Interpolated 06 hours) EMX2ECMWF model [GFS tracker] (Interpolated 12 hours) EEMNECMWF model Ensemble Mean [GFS tracker] ECMOECMWF model [GTS tracker] ECOIECMWF model [GTS tracker] (Interpolated 06 hours) ECO2ECMWF model [GTS tracker] (Interpolated 12 hours)
EEMOECMWF model Ensemble Mean EPS [GTS tracker]
Consensus   Select all
GUNSConsensus of GFDI, UKMI and NGPI models GUNAConsensus of AVNI, GFDI, UKMI and NGPI models CGUNCorrected GUNA Consensus CONUConsensus of AVNI, GFDI, UKMI, NGPI and GFNI models CONEConsensus of AVNI, GFDI, UKMI, NGPI, ECMI and GFNI models CCONCorrected CONU Consensus
SHIP   Select all
SHF5SHIFOR intensity model 5-day DSHFSHIFOR (decay) intensity model SHIPSHIPS model DSHPDecay SHIPS model SHPPSHIPS model parallel (experimental - do not use) DSPPDecay SHIPS model parallel (experimental - do not use)
CLIPPER   Select all
MRCLMcAdie Radii CLIPER model MRCIMcAdie Radii CLIPER model (Interpolated) DRCLDeMaria Radii CLIPER model DRCIDeMaria Radii CLIPER model (Interpolated)
Misc   Select all
XTRPExtrapolation using past 12-hr motion HURNHURRAN model CLIPCLImatology-PERsistance model 3-day CLP5CLImatology-PERsistance model 5-day SBARSANBAR barotropic model VBARVICBAR VBRIVICBAR model (Interpolated) LBAR
FSSEFSU model FSSIFSU model (Interpolated) MFMMedium Fine Mesh model QLMQuasi-Lagrangian model QLMIQuasi_Lagrangian model (Interpolated) AFW1MM5 Coarse resolution AF1IMM5 Coarse resolution (Interpolated 06 hours) AF12MM5 Coarse resolution (Interpolated 12 hours) MM36Air Force MM5 model M36IAir Force MM5 model (Interpolated)
MRFOMRF Run FV5NASA fvGCM model FVGINASA fvGCM model (Interpolated) ICONIntensity Consensus (DSHP+GFDI+HWFI) HCONIntensity Consensus (GFDI+HWFI+GFNI) CONIIntensity Consensus Test only - DO NOT USE! OCD5OFCI Decay BCD5Best Track Decay (post-season available only)
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